Ivy Tech Students’ First Harvest of Sweet Corn

On Tuesday, July 26, Ivy Tech students and faculty will be harvesting nearly 30 rows of sweet corn that were planted by students to not only give Ivy Tech Agriculture students hands-on experiences; but also to be used in a local, regional and state-wide project – providing fresh produce to feed families who don’t always have access to quality, nutritious food.

The harvest is taking place as part of Ivy Inspire – a program where Ivy Tech employees and students regularly participate in giving back to the community.

The equipment used in this project is the latest in precision agriculture with GPS capability including auto steer, split row planting capabilities, computer monitor/display, planting software, etc.  These precision agriculture additions to Ivy Tech’s tractor, allow precise and accurate planting, the ability to track planting of hybrid seed and software to manage yield calculations at time of harvest, among other benefits.

In this project students have a chance to take part in a meaningful experience outside of their normal lives by growing a field crop that can be eaten directly by humans, and helping the community at the same time.

Working closely with Catholic Charities, Wabash Valley Master Gardeners, Ivy Tech Community College, Westminster Village and a variety of other partners, the sweet corn will be distributed to food pantries across the Wabash Valley.  In addition to Wabash Valley locations, Catholic Charities will work with its statewide partners to share any additional remaining product.

Ivy Tech Students’ First Harvest of Sweet Corn

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