Ivy Tech Community College Wabash Valley Nursing Program Ranked 4th in the State

Terre Haute – Ivy Tech Community College’s Terre Haute campus was recently ranked fourth as a best nursing program in Indiana by registerednursing.org. The Associate in Nursing graduates from this campus over 2011-2014 scored an average of 95.83 when taking the RN licensing exam. 100 percent of practical nursing students have passed the test since 2009 and in 2016, 100 percent of the Associate of Science in Nursing students passed, as well.

“We are so proud of the success of our students,” said Ivy Tech Terre Haute Chancellor Jonathan Weinzapfel. “The pass rates indicate the high quality of our programs and graduates, and the high demand for these graduates in area hospitals and other health-related facilities proves the success of the preparation our students receive.”

The 4th place ranking is made by examining the NCLEX-RN licensing pass rates. According to registerednursing.org’s website, NCLEX-RN exam pass rates for all RN programs were collected for five years, 2011-2014, if available.

  • Once non-qualifying programs were filtered out, pass rates were analyzed and were averaged together and weighted by the recency of the exam.
  • If a school’s overall pass rate was the same as another school, additional characteristics were considered like the number of students taking the exam, and the number of years of exam data available.

At Ivy Tech, the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree can be completed in two years once a student is admitted into the program. Individualized tutoring and mentoring is provided by Ivy Tech faculty, and graduates are consistently in high demand throughout the state. After completing their ASN, graduates are qualified to work in hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, home health care, physician offices, schools and health departments. Or, graduates who successfully pass the NCLEX-RN, may also continue their education by transferring to a four year university where they can enter RN or MSN programs to earn bachelor’s or master’s degrees in nursing. Ivy Tech has over 20 transfer partner colleges and universities for its graduates to choose from.

Kim Cooper, dean of the Ivy Tech School of Nursing and the 2017 Indiana State Board of Nursing president, said the faculty at Ivy Tech Terre Haute do amazing work and are dedicated to the students they serve. “Every day I see students and faculty who are working together to help the student be successful. Many of our students come to us with life challenges they are overcoming and still, they bring everything they have to the table and obviously, as the pass rates show, work to reach their end goal.”

In Indiana, 55 schools were analyzed for all five years, with 20 being ranked. Only 8 other states in the nation had more schools ranked than in Indiana.

Ivy Tech Community College Wabash Valley Nursing Program Ranked 4th in the State

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